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with PayHere Partner Program

PayHere Partner Program allows you to earn lifetime rewards by referring PayHere to your business networks & helping them to grow their businesses with PayHere.

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How it works?

Join, Refer & Earn

1. Join

Sign up to become a PayHere partner
Get a recommendation from an existing PayHere Merchant
Provide your bank account details to get rewarded

2. Refer

Spread the word about PayHere to your networks
Refer PayHere to businesses with Online payment needs
Get your referrals verified after they get on-boarded with PayHere

3. Earn

Earn one-time rewards for every business you refer
Earn life-time rewards whenever your referrals get paid with PayHere
Get your reward points automatically redeemed as cash at month end
Who can join ?

Ideally anyone, Practically following

PayHere Merchants

If you use PayHere, you know firsthand how it can benefit other businesses


Refer PayHere to the businesses who get your development services


Refer PayHere to the businesses who get your marketing services

Platform Providers

Enable PayHere for your platform users such as vendors or service providers

eCommerce Enablers

Help businesses to start eCommerce operations & refer PayHere to them

Plugin Providers

Offer custom-made PayHere Plugins for commercial eCommerce platforms


All the answers you need!

No. Anyone can join with the program.
No. Any individual or business can join with the Program.
You need to have referred PayHere to at least one business, which you can use as your Recommender.
Yes. First you need to refer PayHere to one business. Then you can use them as your Recommender to join.
You can add the referrals you made to your Referrer Account by entering their Merchant IDs. PayHere will then send a confirmation email to the PayHere Merchant. If they confirm that you referred them to PayHere, they will be added as a referral made by you.
Unlimited. Higher the referrals you make, higher the rewards you earn.
You can earn two types of rewards. One-time rewards & Life-time rewards.

Every time you refer a new Merchant to PayHere, you earn one-time rewards based on that Merchant's current PayHere plan. 100 points for Lite, 200 for Plus & 500 for Premium.

You earn life-time rewards whenever your referred Merchants receive Online payments through PayHere. 1 Point for every Rs.1000 of Online payments & you receive that rewards forever.
Of course. You can add your bank account details to your Referrer account & redeem points as cash anytime. (1 Point = Rs.1)
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You just have to create a Partner account & verify it through a recommendation by an existing PayHere Merchant, to whom you have already referred PayHere.

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